Holistic and Deep Tissue Massage

Research continues to underline how vital touch is to both our mental and physical well-being and it’s cathartic power to promote emotional as well as physical release. As a consequence, the medical community is now embracing progressive massage treatments which are becoming a fundamental part of hospice care and are currently incorporated into many hospitals to assist post-operative recovery.

The benefits of massage are wide-ranging including easing depression and anxiety, lower back pain, physical fatigue and stress, improving circulation and encouraging an overall sense of well-being.

Lilly Sell

Massage Therapist
Lilly is a fully-qualified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and teacher of Complementary Therapies, with over 15 years’ experience as a therapist, working at Wantage Natural Therapy Centre and in private practice at her home in Uffington. Over the years she has had enormous success helping clients with work-related and stress-related conditions, also with problems following accidents and injury (eg. whiplash).Lilly was employed by Oxfordshire County Council for many years as a teacher of Body Massage and Indian Head Massage. She has also taught massage to nurses and complementary therapists at a rehabilitation centre for the Oxfordshire Police Force and is a member of the Complementary Therapists Association. Lilly has the following qualifications:

  • ITEC Diploma in Body Massage, Anatomy & Physiology
  • Martina College of Complementary Medicine – Certificate in Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Lymphatic Facial Massage
  • IIHHT Diploma in Indian Head Massage
  • Usui System of Natural Healing – Reiki Master
  • Holos School of Complementary Therapies – Certificate in Advanced Massage Techniques

Lilly offers the following bodywork techniques.

These techniques all promote optimum health and relieve a wide variety of conditions. With Indian Head Massage you are seated and there’s no need to undress. It’s a shorter treatment specifically working on tension in the head, neck and shoulders. This can be very successful reducing headaches and migraines.

With such a wide-range of skills Lilly is confident that she can offer you an appropriate and effective treatment programme.

Lilly always takes into account the whole person – emotional and physical as well as social and environmental. So when you come for your first appointment she will take some time to discuss your lifestyle as well as your medical history. Then you can decide on the best course of treatment, which may be a one-off session or a series of treatments for a specific problem. It may be just one technique or a combination of bodywork techniques is the best solution for you.


All appointments are £40 per hour, and Lilly offers a discount of £5 off all first treatments.

After damaging my shoulder in a fall and finding it difficult to use it without pain, your massages have helped return it to good working order and keep it that way with your regular treatments. You seem to know just the right spots to get to the root of the problem and having a regular massage on my shoulder keeps it in good working order. I know that without your help, I would still be in pain. Your massages on my lower back have relieved a lot of the pain that I had in my back, legs and sciatic area. - John
I have been going to Lily for therapeutic massage for several years now. This has been invaluable in helping me cope with the stresses and strains of a busy and active lifestyle. She takes great care to get to know you and your current issues, a holistic approach that I find very refreshing. After every session I feel amazing and calm, with all those problem joints loosened up. I do find her therapeutic massage sessions significantly more effective than other massage treatments and these days I don’t cancel my massages for anything else! - Hannah
As you know you got me through a very difficult stage of my life – I can’t thank you enough! I’m so happy I found you and thank you for being so kind and understanding. - Emma

Lilly is at the Centre on Tuesday and Friday afternoons between 2.00pm and 6.15pm on both days. (An earlier or later appointment can usually be mutually arranged).

If you are not sure which of these therapies could be right for you or which to choose, you can phone or email Lilly, who will be happy to talk things through or book a 30-minute free assessment session at the Centre.

Lilly also offers appointments at her home in Uffington on Thursday afternoons.

Call Wantage NTC on 01235 760079 to arrange an appointment with Lilly at the Wantage NTC.

Or you can contact Lilly direct on:

Mob: 01367 820143
E-mail: lilly@newhaven4.co.uk