Thai Yoga Massage

What is Thai Yoga Massage?
Thai yoga massage is one of the many names used when referring to this traditional healing art. More commonly and well known by name as Thai massage, this ancient treatment has many benefits and is given over longer periods of time to incorporate the unique style and healing system used.

At the heart of Thai massage lies the energy system of Sen Lines. These Sen Lines, which hold many health indications, are constantly engaged to help balance the body’s energy and return to a natural equilibrium.

Various yoga based postures and gentle stretching is applied to help re-align the body, increase flexibility, aid good posture and alleviate pain or discomfort.

Stress and tension is relieved through deep pressure which is applied to the muscles and nerves by the practitioner’s hands, feet, knees and elbows. Along the Sen Lines lie many important pressure points (Marmas) which are engaged through acupressure. Thai massage is given in a rhythmical manner with each movement gently flowing into the next creating a deep state of relaxation, allowing our body and mind to become calm and peaceful.

What happens during a Thai yoga massage?
Treatment is carried out on a comfortable padded floor mat and is given through clothing. Traditionally no oils are used. During the massage the practitioner will warm the muscles and joints and apply gentle stretches – some of which are based on yoga postures. All of the stretches are applied accordingly to your range of movement and flexibility – never will your body be forced into a stretch or posture which is unsuitable, uncomfortable or uneasy to achieve! The stretches are very relaxing and no effort is needed from you – all the work is done by the practitioner.

The practitioners hands, feet, knees and elbows are used to apply deep pressure to muscles and nerves which help release any stress or tension. Acupressure points are engaged to enhance wellbeing and help with certain ailments. Pressure points can be slightly tender and are often referred to as a ‘good pain’. A face and head massage closes the treatment which induces an even deeper state of relaxation allowing the body to completely let go of any tension and clears our mind, becoming calm and still.

Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage

  • Back, neck & shoulder pain
  • Sciatica & nerve disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches & migraines
  • Improves flexibility and mobility
  • Improves body posture & alignment
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Stress & tension

Kathryn Herbert

Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner
In 2007 I qualified in holistic massage but found I wanted to offer a treatment which had more depth and longer lasting effects on the body and mind. Through my love of yoga and helping people I came across Thai yoga massage which I found immediately drawn to and started my training in 2008 with the London Institute of Thai Yoga Massage.

After practicing for 2 years and working with many different ailments I felt the need to learn more and deepen my knowledge which led me to the London School of Thai Yoga Massage where I obtained my advanced practitioner diploma. Both schools have an excellent reputation and maintain high standards of teaching in the UK bringing the true essence of Thai yoga massage into their teachings.

Thai yoga massage is my passion and I feel truly honoured with the knowledge that I have received which enables me to offer such a unique form of bodywork making a positive difference to my clients lives.

£80 for 1.5hrs.
I damaged my back during gymnastics while I was younger and have always suffered from aches and pains but with regular thai yoga massage from Kathryn I feel really great. – J. Kidd
Kathryn is very intuitive and works with great consideration providing a truly wonderful treatment. – A. Creighton
I have been coming to Kathryn for massage for a few years now and feel that it really keeps me in check! – J. Baron
To arrange an appointment with Kathryn please contact her on:

Mob: 07522 467817