Reiki is a powerful, natural system of healing that unlocks the inner flow of vital energy. REI means UNIVERSAL and KI means LIFE FORCE ENERGY (known in China as Chi as in Tai Chi). Reiki can aid in healing all illnesses and injuries – in some cases it can do things that medicine can’t do and do them more gently and positively. The energy eases pain, relaxes tense muscles and calms the emotions.

The treatment is carried out with the client fully clothed; the therapist follows a series of positions with hands either lightly touching the body or just above the body – the positions balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain and balance the chakras and the energy field, allowing an increase in the body’s flow of life force Ki.


Tansy Bateman

Reiki Master and Massage Therapist
I am a fully qualified Massage Therapist and Reiki Level ll practitioner. Having had a life-long interest in complementary therapies and natural healing, I trained in Holistic Massage in London in 2006. Massage and Reiki became my sanctuary in a fast paced world and I am grateful for the opportunity to pass on the sense of peace, relaxation and therapeutic benefits they offer. Here in Wantage I trained in Warm Bamboo Massage, and find that the gently heated bamboo sticks promote wonderful, total relaxation whilst also giving me the option to work more deeply with less strain to the hands. Tansy has the following qualifications:

  • ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage, Anatomy & Physiology
  • Usui System of Natural Healing – Reiki Level ll Practitioner
  • Como Centre Wantage – Diploma in Warm Bamboo Massage

I live in Wantage with my partner and two young children. Outside of work I love to sing, read and practice yoga and Pilates. Before becoming a massage therapist, I worked for a national charity, crisis counselling and providing support services for women and men with breast cancer. I have always been passionate about working in a person-centered way to support people’s physical, mental and emotional health.

Tansy offers a variety of bodywork techniques.

  • Holistic & Therapeutic Massage (including Deep Tissue Massage)
  • Warm Bamboo Massage
  • Reiki


All appointments are £40 per hour.

Call Wantage NTC on 01235 760079 to arrange an appointment with Tansy at the Wantage NTC.

Or you can contact Tansy direct on:

Mob: 07967 498626